Tilting Bariatric Shower Chair

​With a bariatric tilting Shower Chair​ the medical institutions can more safely move and shower patients as well as elderly when needed. They serve an important role in keeping a high hygienic standard within hospitals as well as elderly homes, to ensure that the spread of viruses, germs and filth is prevented without unnecessary strain on caretakers such as nurses and doctors. Without such equipment, the dangers of back injuries become a threat to working morale as well as creating unnecessary costs, suffering and time as people are forced to either quit or take leave to recover. A bariatric shower chair makes it easy to get a patient into the shower and transfer them in and out of a bathroom while keeping the patient or elderly in question comfortable. Patient comfort is an important part of treatment after all and helps prevent additional injury and accidents.

For the private sector

Naturally these types of products are generally for hospitals and elderly homes specifically rather than the public sector, acquired from a manufacturer such as TR Equipment. Buying a bariatric shower chair can only be done by companies and others in the private sector or governments obviously. Outside of the chairs, TR Equipment manufactures shower trolleys, mobile patient lifts, stainless steel bathtubs and so forth to assist nurses and doctors with the important job of showering and cleaning patients. All of their products are designed to be easy to use, functional and with a low cost of ownership on top of the good quality of materials used.​